What is Aletheia?

Aletheia is a desktop Bible application that uses the wxWidgets cross-platform C++ library. It allows you to quickly look up and search multiple versions of scripture using the cleanest, most user-friendly and intelligent graphical interface possible. It is a semester-long university project.

Why another Bible program?

There a number of Bible programs out there today. However, many of them are quite expensive (especially for us college students). I also wanted something that I could easily carry around on a USB drive, and something that had exactly the user-interface that I wanted.

Any catches?

Nope. It's free. You can even download the source code and modify it. However, if you modify the source code you must do so in accordance with the GNU Public License (GPL) and you MUST always give proper credit to the author(s).

I made this program for experience and so I could use it for school, so why not make it free for everyone? Enjoy!

See some screenshots